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Narcissism Focus Groups


We are here for each other!! Let’s do this!

Still looking for the right place for the help you need

Are you tired of the huge support groups? Constantly running into people who don’t know your story. Having to explain yourself over and over.

Are you tired of running into narcs who have infiltrated the group? They are there only to stir up trouble and get their narcissistic supply from watching all the drama. So while you are looking for a support group to be able to talk openly in, instead you are now guarded and right back to where you started.

Are you tired of hiding online? Afraid of who might see your posts and comments. Hiding from your narc abuser and their flying monkeys.

Are you tired of all the negativity? Tired of people making this a gender issue? Tired of members bringing in political and religious debate? Are you ready to just focus on learning and growing? Let’s get down to business, the business of healing and moving forward!

I have great news for you!!

We now offer completely private FOCUS GROUPS. These groups stay small, and the rules stay very tight. The group is highly monitored. It is focused on education, support, and healing. You can safely ask anything you need. We share our own experiences with each other. In addition, veterans in the field will help you find the places to look for the answers you need.

These private groups cannot be found by online searches. They are personal invitation only. No more hiding from your abuser or their flying monkeys. Finally, the freedom to tell your story with others who get it, who have lived your same nightmare. Let your voice be heard! There is power in numbers, and together we can stand and shout, “This is not okay!”

You are your own best tool for this journey of healing. But you need support around you. This support is available for you now!

You might be feeling alone. We all have. You might feel that no one cares and no one understands. We have all been there. You might be ready to give up because you just can’t take it anymore. We know that feeling.


The Focus Groups

Members are from all around the world. They are living the same nightmare as you. While the details may be different, the similarities are shocking! Your stories line up. Your pain is the same. It is a pain that brings us all together. Finally, we have people in our lives who understand. People who get it because they are living it too. No more crazy looks from those who just can’t relate. No more desperate attempts to verbalize our feelings. No more judgment that makes us feel it is all our own fault.

You need this support! Going through this nightmare alone is nearly impossible. It will overwhelm you and consume you. But you are not alone! Join our community today. Find the support you so desperately need.

These private groups cannot be found on Facebook. No one can search for them. They are private invitation only.

How to Join

To offer this level of support and commitment, we charge a small membership fee for the focus groups. Why the fee? Because we are very serious about what we are offering here. We want members who are dedicated to their journey of healing, and we want you to know that we are dedicated to you! We commit our time and our resources to you. We will work to find ways for you to get the help you need.

This small membership fee is $10 per month for as long as you decide to stay. There is no commitment. You are free to go whenever you choose. If you want a discounted rate, you can choose the 12 month package for $100.

Payment Options


We do offer sponsorships for those who need these groups but are not able to afford it right now. You can begin the application process for this by sending an email to

If you are able to make any donations for these sponsorships, your support is greatly appreciated!