My Book

Parenting with a Toxic Partner

Helping our Kids Survive and Thrive Amidst Emotional Abuse


This was my life, my nightmare…

I served as a human shield for my kids. I took the blows emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, behind closed doors. I watched in horror as life was being sucked from my own children. I felt guilty anytime I took an evening out for me. I rushed home any night I was away wondering what nightmare I would find this time.

I exhausted every measure to try to bring peace into these relationships. I reached that point of total exhaustion, total collapse. I had no fuel left in my tank. I reached bone dry, completely empty!

How about you? Do you worry about leaving your kids with the other parent? Do you worry for their physical safety? Emotional safety? Mental and psychological safety? Do your kids hide when the other parent is around? Are they afraid of that parent? Have you watched in horror as your child’s feelings are trampled into the ground? Have you felt that biting pain that you are losing your own child to anger, depression, and fear? Have you stood helpless and hopeless, all alone with nowhere to turn?

I know your pain! You are NOT alone!! It is time to fight for your kids. It is time to help them, to give them strength, and to stand by their side. No more hiding. No more melting in tears. It is time to stand firm and strong!! Join me today as we take a stand for love and peace!